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2017년도 GED 4기 모집분야가 이전 기수와는 다르게 아래와 같이 변경이 되었으니, 참가신청하는데 착오 없으시길 바랍니다.

★ 2017년도 모집분야 변경★


★ 2017년도 모집분야 상세 설명 ★

UI Builder - Frontend JS/HTML developer


A key focus for Kiswe is building custom interactive experiences around video that let users change what they see, link to related information, and connect with other users in real time.  We are looking for people who can champion such efforts from concept design through implementation, enabling us to test ideas with users and refine our ideas.  From a technical perspective, we're looking for experienced developers, especially those familiar with JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, and mobile browsers.


Extra credit: Send us a pointer to a live webpage or github repo for a JS user interface you’ve developed, esp if it has some elements of realtime interaction (games, chat, etc).  Tell us what what you wanted the user to experience, and how that impacted your technical choices.


Content creator - Video production


In addition to our technical tools, we are deeply involved in the production of innovative video experiences.  We are looking for people with the skills to create interactive media events.  In addition to an eye for design, skills in working with live video (OBS, tricaster, etc) and preproduced video/graphics (After Effects,  Premiere, etc) will be key.  In addition, you will need to be able to coordinate on-site activities at live events, managing equipment, interfacing with customers, and more.


Extra credit:  Send us a sample of online video projects, or a link to your portfolio on a site such as behance, deviantart, etc  Tell us what you were trying to achieve with one of your projects, and what choices you made to convey that.


User Experience Design


A UX Design intern helps create the user interface in our apps and websites through defining and delineating User empathy and creates design work holding those principles in mind. They are proactive problem solvers who are curious about user behaviors and expectations in their quest to deliver great experiences.


Extra credit: Describe a UX design project you’ve worked on.  Pick a key piece of user feedback you received, and explain how you used that to refine your design.


Monetization - Developer


Through Kiswe's engagement driven streaming, we've created an environment for new forms of interactive advertising. We are looking for interns who can work with our monetization team to brainstorm, build, and test new ways for brands to reach their audience. Interns may also work on backend tools to help advertisers analyze and understand their results. This role requires both creativity, communication skills, as well as a strong development background with both front end (HTML/CSS/JS) and backend (APIs, databases).


Extra credit: If you've ever tried to generate revenue from digital advertising send us the details and tell us you're 3 biggest lessons and why

신청서도 함께 첨부하오니, 참가 신청하는데 도움이 되시길 바랍니다!

(제출기한 3월 31일 자정까지)


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